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Broken DC jack on a ASUS K53E laptop

by Tom Valdez  August 4, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers


One of our clients called with an ASUS laptop that had a broken DC jack.  She told us that it had worked fine the day before but now it would not charge the battery.  I asked if the power jack was loose and she said that it was.  I told her that the cost to repair was $110, $35 for the DC jack and $75 for the labor.


She was able to drop off the laptop and we verified that the DC jack was indeed broken.  I told her that we had the DC jack on hand and that it would be ready the next day.


Most new laptops have their DC jack that connects to motherboard by a cable.  But some laptops like this ASUS K53E have the DC jack soldered directly to the motherboard.  The repair is more difficult when it is soldered to the motherboard but with the proper technique it can be done.


I disassembled the laptop and removed the CPU heat sink from the motherboard to give better access to the DC jack.  Using a pair of wire cutters I cut the center power pin  that goes to the motherboard. I cut the DC jack in half starting by the power pin and working my way through the metal case.  Then one by one I cut the four ground legs away from the motherboard.


Once the DC jack has been cut away I used a temperature controlled soldering iron and no-clean copper wick to remove the solder.  I had to add solder to each pin to start the solder removal.  Using needle nose pliers I grabbed one pin at a time and applying the soldering iron to the other side of the motherboard each one came off.  One at a time all five pins were removed.  Then the soldering iron and wick was used to clean and prepare the solder holes on the motherboard.


Once the motherboard was prepped the new DC jack was installed.  While holding the DC jack in place I soldered two of the connector pins.  Then one at a time I soldered all five pins.  Then I applied solder to the pins on the other side motherboard.  I then plugged in the power supply and verified 18v on the center power pin.


Then I reassembled the laptop and powered it up.  I booted the laptop to Windows 7 and made sure the touch pad, keyboard and wireless connected to the internet.  The battery showed that it was charging.


I called my client and told her that her laptop was ready.  She came by and picked up the laptop.


Mountain Peak Computers provides a 24 turnaround in most cases.  We had this client’s laptop back in less than 24 hours.



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