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Broken HP laptop LCD Screen

by Tom Valdez  July 18, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers


Kelly answered a Mountain Peak Computers call the other day.  On the other end of the line was a client with a broken laptop screen.  Kelly took down the client info and to her that Tom would be giving you a call back in a few minutes.  I received the name and number from Kelly and gave the client a call back right away.


She thanked me for the quick call back and told me a story about her laptop falling of the desk and when she picked it up the right corner of the LCD was broken.


I asked her what the make and model of her PC.  I was told she had a HP G6.  while on the phone I looked up the HP G6 on the internet and found that it had a 15.6 LCD screen.


I informed her that I had a 15.6 screen on hand.  I also told her that I would need to take the laptop apart to ensure the correct part number.  If Mountain Peak Computers had the correct screen then it would cost $85 for the screen and $50 for labor.  For a total of $135 plus tax.


My client told me that would be fine.  I called up a previous invoice and verified her address was still the same.  She still lived at the same address in Parker Colorado.  I told her I could come by and pick it up around  1 pm. 


After picking up her laptop, I was able to quickly return to the shop to look at it right away.


I unscrewed the bezel and removed the face of the laptop.  Then removing the 4 small screws on each side of the LCD.  I also had to remove 2 more screws at the top of the bezel.  The screen was one that we had in stock and the screen was quickly replace and tested.


A quick call to the client and having informed her that the laptop was repaired and ready to be delivered.  I told that I was heading to a 4:30 appoint in Lone Tree Colorado and could drop off her laptop off on my way.  Happy about the quick turnaround she informed me she would be at home.


The laptop was dropped off and I was able to make the 4:30 appointment in Lone tree.


Our client's laptop was repaired same day because Mountain Peak Computers tries to keep on hand some of the standard LCD screen in use today.


Give us a call if you have a broken laptop screen and live in the Denver Metro Area.  Mountain Peak Computers provides free pickup and delivery of all computer repairs.  We have a 24 turnaround in most cases. 



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