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Data hard drive failed and does not show in the BOIS.

by Tom Valdez  July 21, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers


We had another job on Monday from a company that we have worked on and off since 1995.  The employee contacted me directly and I was informed that the data hard drive had failed.  He said he tried to troubleshoot the problem and discovered that it was not being detected by the systems BOIS.


I scheduled a time to replace the hard drive.  The employee worked out of his home in Colorado Spring.  This worked out because with the other job that was in Colorado Springs I could knock out both job in one trip.


Leaving the shop I first went by Microcenter to pick up the 1TB hard drive.  Microcenter has a online ordering interface where you can place your order and then pick it up at the web order counter to save time.


After completing the first job in Colorado Springs I arrived at the home of the client employee.  It took no time at all to install the hard drive and then creating the partition by going to Control Panel, System and Security, under Administrative Tools click create and format hard disk partition.  Then select the new hard drive and right click then left click on Create simple volume.  Just follow the prompts and click next, we change the default name from new volume to data for this install.  Leave quick format check and click finish.  The drive will complete the format process and it will now be visible.


I verified that the new hard drive was visible in the "Computer" window.  I then opened it and created a test folder.  I took the defective hard drive with me.  The employee stated that the drive had very important data and it had not been backed up.  I called the employee's manager and told him about the lost data.  He agreed that we should move forward with data recovery and authorized the repair of the defective hard drive.


We will be sending the hard drive to a data recover company that Mountain Peak Computers has used in the past.  I will write a blog entry on how the data recovery job goes.


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