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Install 2 Wireless Access Point and CAT6 cable.

by Tom Valdez  July 21, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers



We received a job from one of the national IT support company that does work in Colorado.  The job was in Greenwood Village Colorado, in the DTC.  They needed 2 new Cisco Merakis installed and the old wireless device removed.  New CAT6 cable was specified.


I arrived late at 3:50 pm, estimated time of arrival was 2:30 pm, and called site support.  I was told to install one on each end of the office hall way.  It measured 100’.  They both needed to be plugged into the switch on one of the open PoE ports.  I took a look and they only had 3 ports available on the PoE side.  The site had VoIP phones so 9 of the 12 ports were used by Cisco VoIP phones.  They had a  Netgear 24 port PoE switches.


One hitch, the ceilings height was 9’ and I only brought the 7’ ladder.  I told the site support that I did have a tall enough ladder.  The conference room, reception and waiting room had 9’ false ceiling and it went through out the office suite.  He agreed that it would not be safe so it was agreed that tomorrow at 9 am would work.  I called my contact of the rescheduling of the job until the next day.


I then checked in to the shop and discussed the job.  It was determined to purchase patch cables for the job.  We needed to pick up 100’ and 50’ white patch cables.  So from the job site I headed to IEC in north Denver Colorado.  With traffic I was there in 20 minutes. 


Had to ring the bell to get someone to the counter and here comes an old friend, I have been come to IEC since the late 1990’s.  TSK has had an account so long that our discount was maxed out for their inventory / accounting system.  These 2 cables on the street cost a lot, but at IEC it is cheap, really cheap.  That is for another blog, less I digress.  Settled the invoice and exchanged pleasantries and headed out the door.


Arrived at 9:10 and checked in to both my contact and the site manager. The night before I made sure I had the baseball and string in the van.  First I opened the false ceiling every 3 panels all the way down the hall to the far end of the suite.  Starting in the equipment room I tossed the ball with string attached until it was in the location where the far Cisco ACCESS Point was to be mounted.  I was told to mount the devices' on the bottom of the false ceiling rails, both are to be visible.


Once the first was mounted the second went quickly.  With both Cisco’s plugged into the PoE ports on the Netgear, their LED lights began to flashing.  I had written down the SN# and MAC address when I removed them from their boxes so when I called site support I was able to give him both SN# and MAC address.  Site support confirmed that they were visible and then quickly registered and configured them.  He told me to pull the power on the old wireless router and I did.  He then confirmed that all the devices in the office had connected to one of the 2 access points.


I confirmed with site support that the patch cables should plug directly into the Netgear switch, bypassing the patch panel.  This was because of the PoE.

I told him that it would take 15 minutes to complete site cleanup and would then check out with my company.  He confirmed and we cleared the call.  After the site was cleaned, tools and ladder had been loaded I obtained the signature from the receptionist I left the site.  I then checked out quickly with my contract company.


So on a cable job always remember to bring your baseball and string.



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