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My laptop powers on for 2 seconds then powers off.

by Tom Valdez  July 20, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers


Mountain Peak Computers fielded a call from a long time client in Littleton Colorado the other day.  He explained that when he powered on his laptop it would stay on about 2 seconds and then power off.  He said they had been having problem charging the battery and had been getting a low battery warning.

I told him that it could be the DC jack but would not know for sure until I took a look at it.  If it was the DC jack the repair cost would be $45 for the jack and $75 for the repair.  We scheduled a time to pick up his laptop later that same day.

After getting his laptop back to the shop we discovered that his DC power jack was fine.  For a laptop problem like this the first thing we do is remove the DVD and hard drive then try to power it on.  For this laptop it still would not stay on.  Then we change out the memory and try again, still no luck.  Next we remove the motherboard and try to power it up by its self.  We got the motherboard out and still it would not stay on.

So we gave the client a call to give him the news.  We informed him that the motherboard was bad and that to replace it would cost $145 for the motherboard and $95 for the labor.  I informed him that the complete laptop was for sale online at $317.  So I didn't recommend the repair because of the cost to value and the fact that he would only have a 30 warranty on the repaired laptop.  The client agreed and said that he would purchase a new laptop.

I told him that I could do some research and recommend a laptop to purchase.  I told him about Microcenter and that they have the best selection in Denver.  He asked about recovering his data and I told him that I could recover his data and that the cost would be $75, it would include the diagnostic fee.  I told him that I could also recycle the old laptop at the same time.  He agreed and we scheduled a delivery time the next day.

I hooked the hard drive up from the defective laptop to one of our test PC and took ownership of his data.  Then copied it to our storage drive.  First I deleted the old partition and created a new one.  After that we just moved his data back on the drive and installed it in a external case.

We had the clients data back to the client in less than 24 hours.  The laptop I recommended was a HP 250 15.6" Intel N3540 Quad Core, 4GB memory and a 500GB hard drive and it came with Windows 7 Pro for $359.99.  Mountain Peak Computers does not currently recommend Windows 8.1 for many reason that we will not get into in this blog.

Give us a call if you have a laptop that won't stay powered on and live in the Littleton Colorado.  Mountain Peak Computers provides free pickup and delivery of all computer repairs.  We have a 24 turnaround in most cases. 

If you have a similar problem or any other computer problem you can give Mountain Peak Computers a call at 303-400-4000 for the personal service you demand and we can provide.