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I powered on my computer and it displays "No boot device found".

by Tom Valdez  July 18, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers


One of our long time client called this morning with a common problem we have seen many times over the years here at Mountain Peak Computers.  They described how they had powered on their laptop and instead of windows coming up all they got was "No boot device found".


I told the client that the hard drive had failed and that it would have to be replaced.  I stated that I would first try and recover their data, but that would depend on how bad the failure was.  Most of the time the data is recoverable but that you never know.  They were understanding and asked when I could make it by to pick up their laptop.


Mountain Peak Computers scheduled a home pick up in Littleton Colorado for 11 am.  Our client thanked me and said that they would look forward to my arrival.


Having picked up the broken laptop at eleven in Littleton Colorado and a quick stop at Microcenter to pick up a 120GB SSD drive we were able to take a look at the failed hard drive in the shop.


The client was lucky this time and their data was recovered with out issue.  We removed the hard drive and hooked it up to one of our test machines.  Windows 7 Pro repaired the corrupt files by updating the FAT table.  After a reboot we login into the test PC and brought up the defective laptop drive in "Computer", then I drilled down to the clients user. 


I then highlighted the users folder and right clicked then left clicked on properties.  Then clicking on Security, then advanced, owner, edit.  Then you click on "replace owner on sub containers and objects" dialog button.  When you click on "Apply or OK" windows asks if you want to take ownership of the object, then you just click "OK" and windows will change the rights for the users files and folders, giving ownership to the administrator account.  If you get a popup to give ownership, just continue to click "Ok" until you receive "If you have just taken ownership of the object, you will need to close and reopen...".  Now just click "Ok" on all open windows in reverse order to get back to users folder.


Then I opened the user and click ok to open the folder.  After a short delay the users folder opened displaying  up to fifteen folders.  I highlighted the 6 folders holding the data and then right clicked and then left clicked on "cut".  Then opening up the folding where Mountain Peak Computers holds client data and then right click and left clicked on 'Paste".  This client had only 11GB of data, so it just took about 15 minutes to move their data off the defective drive.  We "cut" and do not "copy" so the old defective drive does not contain any clients data. 


While this was being done I had already had installed the new 120GB SSD drive and had started the clean Windows 7 Home install.  Once Windows gets to the setup screen I would enter the user and computer name, set the time zone and verify the time.  From there I then down loaded drivers and install all service packs and updates.  This takes about one and half hours in all.  I then cut the data from our storage drive and pasted it to the users container on the laptop.


Finally finishing with Adobe Flash, Adobe Read, Java and AVG free anti-virus.  Mountain Peak Computers recommends AVG for a cost effective anti-virus over other pay anti-virus protection.  I plan to write a blog entry to give you more details on anti-virus software choices that are available and why we recommenced AVG over the others out there.


We gave the client a call and set a time to return the laptop.  Their final cost was $120 for labor and the cost of the SSD drive was $99 plus tax.  For a total cost of $219 plus tax.


Mountain Peak Computers will deliver the laptop for no trip charge.  If the client choose to have us setup their wireless and printer then it just costs $25 for every fifteen minutes to do the setup and any programs that need to be loaded.  But this client is pretty savvy so he will probably do it himself.


If you have a similar problem or any other computer problem give Mountain Peak Computers a call at 303-400-4000 for the personal service you demand and we provide.