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Why is my PC running so slow?

by Tom Valdez  July 23, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers


A client that lives in Lakewood Colorado called and told us that her PC was running real slow.  She told me that it started about a week before and that whenever she tried to open any folder or document she would get the spinning cursor and would take what seemed forever to finally open.


I told her that I was available later that day to come by and take a look.  When I arrived my clients home she was able to reproduce the problem.  When we tried to open My Documents it took about 20 seconds and any program that was opened took more than a minute. 


So I opened task manager by right clicking on the task bar and right clicked on Task Manager.  CPU usage was very at 2 to 3 %.  I then clicked on Resource Monitor, then the Disk tab.  Under Disk Activity it was showing disk errors each time I clicked on different files to open.


I could also here clicking noise coming from the hard drive.  I told my client that her hard drive was failing.  She asked how long it would take to repair her PC.  I told her that we could have it fixed and it would be returned the next day.  I talked to her about her options and costs. 


She told me that she did not have a lot of money asked if I could work with her on the cost.  I told her that I had some used drives that would save her money on the repair.  I told her that I could do the job for just the cost of the labor and that I would give her the used drive at no cost.  She thanked me and I took her desktop to repair it in the shop.


Once in the shop I installed the used drive, installed Windows 7 Home Premium and all the updates.  While windows was installing I connected her defective drive to one of our test PC and was able to recover all her data.  It took a long time to get the data but it completed without incident.


I returned her PC the next day, I connected the PC to the internet and setup her printer.  She thanked me and paid me for the repair.


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