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Wireless Access Point don't come up on network.

by Tom Valdez  July 21, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers


Mountain Peak Computers completed a contract job for one of the national computer service providers.  The job was in Colorado Springs and took about 3 hours.


Once on site I was informed that 2 of the 10 Cisco Access Point were no longer on the network.  The first access point found and tested was working.  After locating one of the access points that was not working, I moved it and plug it directly to a PoE injector that was known to be working.  It came up  on the network and was working.


Next I followed the network cable in the false ceiling to a point where I could not trace it any further.  I then talked to the building manager and asked if there was an office on that side of the building with wall jacks.  He directed me to a office that was close by.  Sure enough under a desk in the office I was able to locate the 2 PoE injectors.  One had no power and the other had power but no network light.


After pulling out the desk I discovered the problem.  Someone had plugged the Wyse Terminal directly into the network jack on the wall where the hub that all the other devices, including the Access Points and a printer, where plugged into.


So I used another network cable to directly connect the hub to the network jack, plugged the DC power into the PoE injector and then plug the Wyse terminal in to the hub.  The printer in the office began to print out a job.  Remote tech support called to tell me the Access Point's had just come up on the network.


I took pictures of the job and completed the required paper work and checked out with tech support and then the computer service company that assigned the job.



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