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Virus popup - Call to have virus removed or you will lose your data and cause damage to your PC

by Tom Valdez     July 17, 2015

Owner / Mountain Peak Computers


We received a call from a client, that we have supported since 2007, he had just been a victim of a virus that had infected his PC.  He told us that after copying and printing real-estate info from a website the virus popped up on his screen.  He informed us that it was demanding payment and that if he did not pay he would lose all his data on his PC.  Our client told us that he didn't call and make the payment but instead gave Mountain Peak Computers a call.

I told him that if he had made payment there was a good chance that he would have other charges made later.  We would have recommended that he would have to close the credit card account.  But since he had not paid he dodged that bullet.

Our client told me that he powered down his PC and when it came up it just was stuck on the HP logo screen and would not boot up.  He asked what would have happened to his PC.  I told him that the virus had probably changed the attributes of the files on his hard drive to hidden files.  Also it could have de-activated the boot partition.  He then asked what we could do.  I told him I could come over and take a look at it.  I told my client that I could be there in 45 minutes.  He was happy and said he would be waiting for me.

I arrived at the clients home in 45 minutes to take a look at the virus problem.  The PC had Windows 8.1 loaded on his HP desktop. 

I powered off the PC and then powered it back on and entered the startup menu.  First I selected the BOIS setup to ensure the hard drive was recognized by the motherboard.  It was recognized so I then exited the BOIS and again entered the startup menu.  This time I selected repair setting.  Windows 8.1 then went through a lengthy processing of diagnosing the problem and then fixed the problem.  After several reboots the PC came up to the login screen.

I had my client enter his password and login to the PC.  Once we got the desktop I had my client go into his email and open the internet to ensure that the virus was removed.  His PC was working with no signs of the virus.  My client was very happy.  He had a lot of work to get done before the end of the day.

My client thank me and paid me for the visit, $100.

He was lucky that Windows 8.1 was able to reverse the changes that the virus had done to his PC.  Other versions of Windows, 7 or Vista, probably would not have been able to make the repairs needed without using malware removal tools.

We have repaired this problem for other clients by removing the hard drive and attached it to our test PC and changed the attributes from hidden to unhidden.  Then we checked the boot partition for the setting to make it a active partition.  We then reinstalled the hard drive and was able to boot the PC.  We then ran malware removal tool to remove the virus.

So for those that run into this virus, never call and make the payment.  Just call your computer repair company and have them fix your PC.  If you live in the Denver Metro area just give Mountain Peak Computers and we will fix your virus problem for you.  You can reach us at 303-400-4000.