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Mountain Peak Computers is a value added reseller and computer service provider in Denver Colorado. MPC can provide your company with computer support for all of your computer, network and server needs. Mountain Peak Computers has been providing computer and networking support in the Denver Metro area since 1993.

Services including internet access, servers, remote access, vpn, firewalls, router, voip phone systems, high-speed and wireless networks, point of sales, web site design, search engine optimization (seo), backup solutions, anti-virus , spyware removal, security surveillance systems, cabling and server sacks, printers.

Over the years Mountain Peak Computers has established strategic partnerships across the IT spectrum. This enables MPC to provide your company with quality computer network service and repair with one point of contact. Instead of dealing with 3 or 4 different contractors you will deal with just one, Mountain Peak Computers.

Mountain Peak Computers repairs computer slow down, lockups and other annoying computer system problems caused by virus, spyware or hardware and software failure. We repair desktops, notebooks and servers. MPC Computer also sells quality name brand computer hardware and software.

If your company has tried other computer service companies and you are just not satisfied with their ability to solve your computer, server and network repair and upgrades, then maybe it is time for a change. Let Mountain Peak Computers be your next computer service provider. Our experience shows in our ability to solve your computer and network problems in a timely manner. MPC will find solutions to all your server and work station problems. Our goal is to solve your computer, server, network, internet and printer problems at the lowest cost to you.

Looking to implement new computer and network technology, but do not believe your current network system provider has the experience or track record to get the job done on time and budget, let MPC complete your next computer upgrade, server install, network upgrade, phone system and firewall project for you. We will work hand and hand with you during the planning stage, and then complete the job on time and budget.

High Speed Internet access is a key technology for your company to compete in the current business environment. With all the choices MPC will help you find what is best for your business. MPC will help you evaluate all you options, from DSL, Cable modem and partial to full T1 lines. MPC will evaluate the availability of each option and review the cost and performance. Based upon your needs and budget MPC will help you make an informed decision. Then MPC will handle all aspects of the installation and implementation. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision based upon your current and future needs.

Servers, When small companies look to take their business to the next level, most look to technology to help improve productivity, service and web exposure. Over the years MPC has work with Novell, UNIX and Microsoft servers. MPC believes that Microsoft has the products that work best in small business environment. With interfaces that look just like your Windows XP desktop you will be able to make changes such as add users, change passwords, check status of printers and other intuitive changes. MPC helps you evaluate your server needs. We will help you evaluate not just your current but also your future needs. MPC performs server upgrades, migration from old technology to new, and also installation of your first server.

Work Stations for your business is a long term investment. MPC will help ensure you get a work station that will perform today and be upgraded able in the future. If you are looking for the cheapest, then the big name brands are the way to go. But is that how you would purchase your next car? MPC will ensure what you purchase will be of value today and tomorrow. We also can configure a gamer PC for you leisure enjoyment. LCD displays are the perfect way to recover more space on your desk, giving you more work area.

Remote Access and VPN are great tools for those that need to travel but still be connected to the office; remote access is the technology that will enable you to do your work from anywhere you can connect to the internet. MPC will help you make the decision that works best for your remote access needs. If it is basic access using or remote desktop using Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003, MPC will ensure the requirements and budget are all part of the decisions and not just one size fits all.

Firewalls and Routers are one of the best tools to protect you’re system investment and protect your data from unwanted intruders to you network. Understanding the threats and the solutions will give you the peace of mind when connected to the internet. MPC will help you understand the options and benefits of each product available. With your goals in mind MPC will make recommendations that make sense for your business when deciding who to protect your business from unwanted intruders. From the basic inexpensive to the robust but pricey solution that are available today.